Friday, August 2, 2013

Don't really care...

what name this post gets cause I'm tired of trying to think of a "cool" post title AND I had this done once and lost it. Boo! I can't remember what I typed either so I'm just gonna post pictures. Blah to losing something that takes you forever and you don't really have time for anyway. Freakin freaky freak!!!!! Anyhow the pictures will tell you what we've been up to.
    Sorry the pictures are so BIG. If I mess with the size it makes them blurry.

   Yuck Wyatt ;)

    Oh boys

    Catching tad poles

    Kaden is the coolest

    Grandpa's cool too

   Let's not forget about Papa Jimmy 

    Chandler got a golf cart for Father's Day. It's pretty dang fun! The kids have loved it!!!

    Hair cuts


    New hair do for these two. Easton's poor head....I swear I don't beat my kids.

    Being a stinker at church

Happy Father's Day to the BEST dads I know!! 

    Don't ask ;)

    Easton's new ride


    Playing too hard

    He's handsome ❤

    Nephi "grand canyon" trips


    Growing too fast

    They love each other...sometimes

    Family pictures

    Payson pool

    Oh my


    Family trip to Fish Lake....FUN FUN!!

    Note to self....don't buy gushers EVER AGAIN!!! Ha ha

    My little artist


   Don't judge...he sat in the water 

    Our families favorite....CORN ON THE COB! Mmmmmmm I think we keep Harward Farms in business ;)

    Mona 24th fireworks = totally AWESOME

    One cute sox fan

Ewwww, as the kids would say ;)
So there you have it...our summer of 2013 in a nutshell!!! 


Worwood Family said...

CUTE!CUTE!CUTE! Love this blog update. Looks like you guys have enjoyed your Summer doing lots of super fun things!

Krista M. Steiner said...

I love looking at all the pictures. I agree trying to come up with a cleaver blog post title is Lame. I don't care anymore either I just state simple ones that sum up what the post is about. I loved this post! Ton's of pictures make it fun!!! Your little family is just too cute!!!